In the current decade, India's success story is set to enter a new era of inclusive growth. Tourism Development is the main facet that will forge this best.

India is on a growth trajectory fuelled by rapid urbanisation and infrastructure development. With efforts towards deviating pressure on the metro cities due to space and time constraints as well as underdeveloped infrastructure, growth in tier II and III cities reflects a positive change for India.

The growth of these two tier cities gestures towards a positive sign for the nation and will facilitate an improved distribution of wealth, in due course increasing the status of rural India.

GPS in the Business of Tourism

GPS will provide the opportunity for Travel agents and tour operators to recognize the need of this emerging market as it has lot of potential to evolve.

According to UNWTO reports, the number of Indians travelling overseas is set to rise to 50 million by 2020. Industry experts believe that this is due to India's evolving and burgeoning middle class. Indians belonging to the four major metro cities have been known to travel abroad for the longest time but lately people from smaller cities of India are taking longer holidays and want to explore new destinations.

The usual markets of tourism business in the Western, Southern, Northern and East India have long been hailed as the big markets for Domestic & Outbound Tourism. Travel Experts are now laying their bet on Tier II and Tier III cities across the country.

In recent years, the tourism potential of Tier-II and III cities of India has been growing rapidly.
Global Panorama Showcase (GPS) is an effort to unveil the tourism potential that lies in the new and emerging markets.

Research and statistics indicate and point out increased Domestic & International travel and its positive effects on the industry will open new opportunities for tourism growth. With domestic demand based on over a billion domestic trips, about 15 million overseas trip and 7 million international tourism arrivals this is surely a growth driver for India's tourism & hospitality industry.

Travel agents and Tour Operators have grown substantially in the smaller cities and towns and influence large swathes of population, especially the sections with newly acquired disposable income and financially affluent sections that are today spurred on by the forces of consumerism and communication.

Global Panorama Showcase aims to serve as an informative platform for the travel fraternity of the Tier II and Tier III cities wherein global and domestic exhibitors will come forward and showcase all kinds of travel and tourism services and products. Travel agents in Tier II and Tier III cities cannot afford to attend all the major travel marts and events that is held all over the country. GPS being a home-grown event, has thus been instituted to bridge this gap and also dissolve the fear of communication, with an aim to motivate agents to ask and seek more information of tourism product available in the country.