Our vision is to build a customer centric new-generation distribution platform which will enable travel suppliers to innovate and sell new products and services, allowing consumers to access these with the least effort and cost. Our direct connect platform will provide customers a fully transparent travel experience by allowing them to take informed decisions comparing product offers from different suppliers against a wide range of attributes.
We believe that the travel distribution world is on the verge of a major transformation. We at Verteil plan to play a big part in it.

Verteil Technologies features


  • Provide rich service and accurate product information to travelers.
  • Maximize revenues by selling complete selection of ancillary products
  • Improve customer service by providing world class experience.
  • Increase productivity by reducing shopping 'think time' and process automation


  • Promote disintermediation and reach out to consumers directly.
  • Take control of your traveler's journey with relevant, context specific offers.
  • Sell complete portfolio of products as a one stop solution.
  • Intelligent caching mechanisms ensures minimal load on supplier infrastructure.


  • One stop shop for all travel related products and services.
  • Ability to choose a travel experience instead of just buying products.
  • Ability to shop and compare the value of these propositions across airlines.
  • Understanding true value of airline products.